PM / FitLine

PM/FitLine, what kind of a company is this and why should you maybe start working here – and with me? – I’ll try to explain a little about this below .. !!!

PM International is a German family owned company founded back in 1993 by Rolf Sorg. When his mother had fallen ill and needed to improve her immune system so that her life could be okay again.

Rolf Sorg began investigating what vitamins and minerals could do to improve one’s immune system, but lacked a way in which all vitamins and minerals consumed could actually be absorbed in the cells of the body rather than being accumulated without the body being able to absorb it.

PM/FitLine, Nutrient Transport Concept

He found this method very quickly and implemented it in all the products and not least he had the method patented here in Europe. The method is called the “Nutrient Transport Concept” in daily speech the NTC concept. Today there is still a patent on it but now it deals with more than 100 different patents around the world.

When starting the productline back in 1993 – it consisted of a set of 3 products that everyone would be able to drink in an easy way by mixing it with a glass of water. Accessible for everyone and with a great flavor – so good everyone would drink it with pleasure. The first drink to start the day contains all the vitamins your body needs. The second drink is called Activize and it can replace just about any other beverage you normally consume during the day. Soda, coffee, tea, energy drink, etc. It is packed with all of B vitamins and include also C vitamin plus guarana extract for energy. It tastes heavenly. The third drink contains minerals and is great to drink before going to bed so that the body can recover during the night. All 3 drinks are mixed in water and enjoyed.!

You can buy the optimalset here: Fitline optimalset

For the past 27 years, PM International has been expanding, but the optimal set is still their main product and in fact 80% of the turnover is from that product, not kidding. Take a minute to think about how amazing theese products has proven to be during almost 30 years. PM International has their own research center and both doctors and scientists who continue to develop this product, so it keeps getting better day by day.

The FitLine range consists of many other product ranges that you can use in your everyday life. They have some of the best weightloss products and a large line of cosmetic products as well and all of them are of course of highest quality, you can find all about the products here: Fitline products

PM/FitLine has built a network of offices and support centers around the world. In all the countries they open in, they also start logistics centers from where they ship the products. This means that you can always call the support center and get service from national speaking staff and not least you get your products the day after you order them on the website.

If you are thinking about working with PM International and their super products in the FitLine series, please do not hesitate to, contact me it may just mean that you change your future to something absolutely amazing.


Renè Ritto