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PM International

Why did I choose to work with PM International, in the spring of 2020? – Yes, a lot of people have asked me this!

I previously worked for another company that had hemp products as their main product. Here I achieved huge success and made a lot of money and had a great position where I traveled the world, stayed at the most amazing hotels and lived a life of many envy, BIG TIME.!

BUT that wasn’t enough for me. Much of my everyday life went into solving all the problems that were and still are in the company, as they are dealing with hemp products. When I started in the company, I believed that the hemp industry was ready to enter the traditional trade market, with lots of products, such as insulation for houses, clothing, cars, food, paper, etc. – pretty much everything you use in everyday life.

But the company focused 100% on the hemp oil, which everyone know as CBD oil. It is a great product for all those who are sick. But not so much for people who live a normal healthy life, because why should they be taking the product was often the questions we encountered.

Since it is a very expensive product and many healthy people think it was too expensive to invest in – and at the same time those who are sick often couldn´t afford it because they had already tried a lot of different products. So quickly people stopped buying the oil and that meant we all had to run fast, very fast, every day to find new sick people who needed CBD.

At the same time, the Corona virus came tumbling down on us all and that meant our turnover went down. It was no longer the oil that became people’s first priority. Therefore I had a very hard time seeing a future with the company, which no longer had the philosophy of developing hemp products, besides the oil etc.

So I felt FORCED to come up with something new. Also, I needed to find a company where I could get the joy back in working and spend my time constructively helping others with success and well-being. Life is too short to get stuck in something that doesn’t make sense anymore.

I already started back in late 2019 looking for another company. I started talking to all my old colleagues from around the world. In the Network Marketing industry. There are always plenty of new companies that come up with one amazing product and that try to persuade someone like me to convert! I have worked and had great success in the industry over the past 20 years and been offered lots of money offers and shares etc. to start elsewhere. This is an art of being able to navigate through the jungle of bargains. But I have a lot of experience and know how to deal with these conversations. Today I try to pass this on to new networkers.

PM International almost came down from the sky at the beginning of April. One of my best friends Alex Grapov, who was at the same time CEO of sales at the old company and also the most talented person I have met during my many years in the industry. Alex had decided to switch from working on the Executive Board to becoming a Networker in PM International.

We talked endless times every week and when Alex started talking about PM International and not least how professional the entire company was built, many things fell into place. I spent the following days talking to everyone who knew about and had business relations with PM International and very quickly a fantastic company emerged… They were super professional and everyone talked very positively about them. Everybody strongly recommended that I start working with them.

Best of all, it is a German company that works with European values ​​and has developed not only the logistics and everyday life of the company, through hundreds of talented people who work with them. BUT the most important thing is that they have their own products in the FitLine product line. They started up 27 years ago developing them and year after year, they have gotten better and better. They have over a 100 products today, BUT 80% of their turnover (which came to a total of 1,11 billion $ in 2019) is still in their vitamin and mineral drinks, which they started with almost 30 years ago.

To find out more about the FitLine products, click here

These are absolutely amazing products. You need to drink a glass of juice in the morning, which is the Basic drink that contains all the vitamins you need during the day. In addition, it also consists of their product, Activice which can replace all kinds of drinks you normally drink during the day, such as soda, coffee and tea, etc. – It is packed with B vitamins and C vitamin. The last product in this series is called Restorate and contains all the minerals you need, including magnesium, which you drink before going to bed.

With this 3 drinks you have EVERYTHING your body needs and your body will love you for. ALL 3 drinks taste heavenly and are for everyone to drink; children, young people, the elderly and athletes. Yes as I said EVERYONE can drink these amazing products.

You can get the whole series for as little as 100 euro per month. That is the main reason why I started PM International. Here everyone can join in and EVERYONE needs to boost their immune system with natural products you can drink without any restrictions or discomfort.

My wife Heidi and I have tested the products and obtained huge positive effects by using them. We are very optimistic for the future as we have met the nicest and most talented people working in PM International, in addition to some top products. We have great faith in the company, PM International and the values behind it.

If you are thinking “I would like to know more about the products” or “I would like to start working with us and Pm International” – then contact Heidi or me, and hear about your potential new future.


Renè Ritto


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