My first encounter with the alternative

When I think back to the first time I heard the word “the alternative world” and my first encounter with the alternative, I can still remember that it was something I was both scared of but also attracted to. It was one of my friends who started selling “alternative” tobacco in primary school. His parents had a summer house where they cultivated the strange green plant. Mads – later called Pot Mads, thought that everyone in 7th grade should taste this special tobacco, since it made you feel so nice in the body, I remember he said…! After trying it once and I became very dizzy and subsequently threw up in the schoolyard’s rose bed, well then I decided that the “alternative something” was not for me đŸ™‚

The second time I heard the word alternative – was during my training as a store butcher in Salling Super Aarhus. We were taken to the city Kalundborg to look at some pigs that lived like they did many years ago in the wild – funny to recall – it was the start of the organic adventure running big here in Denmark in 2020. This was in 1988 , the day after Ben Jonsson of Canada had won the 100 meter race in the Olympic final. I still remember his giant muscles, yellow eyes and some nervous way of talking to the outside world. A few days later, the whole world found out that he had taken another form of “alternative drug” – he was stripped of his gold medal and received probably the toughest punishment with a few years quarantine.

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I was also at this time a person who thought a lot about things. I couldn’t understand that when the farmer said that the pigs had a much better life they outside in the fields than they did in the small cages inside the stables, that there was nothing more to it. Also, I remember that he said the pigs did not have to get all the medicine that the other pigs did. Partly because they ate a lot of natural food in the field, which meant that their immune system was much stronger than other pigs. What surprised me most was that he said that the traditional world called him the “alternative farmer” who gave the pigs “alternative food” but in my world it was not alternative – quite the opposite actually. A natural way that had nothing to do with, what I call “the chemical alternative” world.

I often think about how great farming would be if they just used natural methods instead of the chemical. When you know the effect of being able to break down bacteria and get the body to heal itself naturally. And then in a natural way, keep up farming the old fashioned and exciting way.

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Or if Ben Jonsson had used healthy supplements instead of pumping himself full of chemicals that would very well have destroyed his entire body and life – in the long run.

Or if “Pot Mads” parents had taught their son not to smoke that kind of “alternative tobacco” and instead to drink a few glasses of healthy Fitline super vitamin a day, rather than smoke in the lungs and as in my case vomiting, etc. Very ironically, you can say that the biggest revolution that has taken place in the medical world over the last few years and a huge step towards the alternative world is precisely the approval of cannabis oil as a treatment offering to patients getting cancer and all that chemistry injected. in the body.

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Renè Ritto


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