My Childhood

I was born on Henrik Hertzvej 64 B 1 tv. 8230 Aabyhøj – Denmark July 28, 1970 – my mother chose to give birth to me at home. I was child number 2. My big brother Brian, had come into this world well over 2 years before, the only biological brother I have, later others came a long through divorces / new “moms” and “dads” … BUT no matter what a mathematical calculation or medical description through bloodlines etc. I have always chosen myself, who I call sisters and brothers. In MY life.

In MY Childhood it´s a bit ironical, I was already creating a bit of chaos without even realizing it. My parents were very young when they got my brother and their marriage was unstable. Not knowing better, they agreed that if they had another child, well then their marriage would probably get better … Less than 3 months passed after my birth before my father moved from my mother. So I can’t exactly boast that I created peace in the family from the beginning.

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Then all of a sudden I had to deal with 1 “cardboard” big sister, 1 ditto big brother, a real big brother, 2 “half” smaller brothers and “half” a little sister. i.e. before I turned 9, there were 6 other children in my life and whom I should relate to being my siblings. I was the child in the middle, 3 siblings to each side, so I was probably overlooked a bit everywhere. It meant that I was completely impossible in school and pretty much everywhere I went. I created a lot of trouble for myself as I could never keep my mouth shut if I thought something was wrong or someone was being treated wrong.

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You will hear much more about my youth and growing up later in my blog posts, if I were you I would be thrilled…!


Renè Ritto


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