Health Food Products

I think everybody knows what health food products are, or do they really know at all ???

Before I met health food products in the late ’90s, I had consumed various products. It usually happened because a friend had heard something about a product or I read in a newspaper that it was good for you. I have taken a lot of C vitamin, Q10, and other vitamins – but to be honest I have NEVER had a huge effect of eating them.

Now – after 20 years of experience in the industry, I have come to understand why I have not had a huge effect. In part, our bodies may be too out of balance to be able to absorb. This may be due to many things, but in general, our gut system is stuffed with all kinds of chemicals and additives, from the food we eat daily. Now, this should not be a doctor’s act in how our gut works, but in short we can say that we do not eat enough food we grow ourselves. In the old days when you had potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables from the backyard, which was funnily enough not sprayed with chemicals or, for that matter, pre-treated with wax baths etc. Back then people had a healthier gut system.

When I had my own company and was on the sidelines when developing health food products, I asked about the above and got an insight into what people can absorb and what they can’t. Many “experts” in the industry overlook the simplest of all when talking about absorbing a product.

Can the body absorb it .. !!!!

After all, it doesn’t matter what kind of product you consume if your body can’t absorb it.

Example, if we must talk about health food products and not least select a product that is top of the class. Then it’s Aloe Vera – this product has a huge advantage of containing nature’s own laxative. This way the intestines are cleaned out so that the small “arms” that are on the inside of the intestines are cleansed. After that, they can begin to absorb all the important vitamins and minerals in the food we eat. If you have problems with your gut / intestines, then I recommend that you drink Aloe Vera, which will help you will get completely cleansed.

BUT is it enough that the intestines are cleansed? – I will have to say no. The most important thing in your body is your immune system. If you do not have your immune system completely in balance, it does not matter what you consume. Even if you drink Aloe Vera, your immune system can be completely out of balance and affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals, etc.

In fact, there are wise people who say that you do not need to take any health food product or other products when eating healthy organic food. Seeing this claim could become a very long discussion between us. I would suggest that you use the comment box below if you agree or have a different view of things…

The road to PM International in particular has taught me one thing. There are many different opinions on health food products. One company turns on its product and the other company on theirs. BUT no companies have seen the path that PM International is working on, namely down to the cellular level. When your cells function optimally, they work with the body’s organs and intestines, etc. This means that your immune system is completely in balance and can begin to work on getting the body to heal itself. I am very sure that this statement gets many to the keys – I am already looking forward to, should you feel like contacting me, don’t hesitate.

Before I met PM International, I ate MANY health food products, but after I started using the Fitline products, I eat NOTHING and have never felt better, funny, isn´t it?

Hope we can have a discussion on this topic. I know many in my circle of friends have opinions on this topic….

If you want to know more about the FitLine products then feel free here

I will be posting many more posts about other health food products and not least about the Fitline products…

All The Best

Renè Ritto


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Health Food Products

I think everybody knows what health food products are, or do they really know at all ??? Before I met health food products in the late '90s, I h...
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