12 weeks of lifestyle change

When we, my wife and I made a decision on April 17, 2020 to do a 12 weeks of lifestyle change test, the motivation had never been greater to have a new and better life. I don’t think we lived a much more abnormal life than all other people. But we had got some rigid bad habits around too much food and too little exercise in our daily lives.

We love food, good food, lots of meat and all the unhealthy things that come with a good steak. Red wine is our great passion, not that we collect expensive wines. But we always buy and have a lot of bottles in Casa Ritto. In the old days, when our children lived at home, wine and beer were hardly ever drunk in everyday life. But after they left home, after a long working day, the comfort of one or two glasses of red wine came creeping into our lives, yes, almost naturally.

Exercise, or lack of the same.!

We love to exercise but in the last few years it has become something that was “grown” more on the couch. Especially when the TV showed various films and sometimes sports a la Tour De France etc. Apologies for not going out and going for a walk or going to the Fitness Center, which we all pay for but don’t use.! – were gigantic big and totally natural for both of us.

ProShape All in one – our miracle product

I’ve written about how PM International, the company we chose to start working on in April 2020, came down from the sky in the middle of the corona crisis. You can read more here. It was the products that kick started us and got us in the right direction. In addition to our vitamins and mineral drinks, we also use a “miracle product” or, to put it mildly, we have christened it. The products are called ProShape All in one and consist of 7 different products that, in short, can and must replace one of the 3 main meals you get during the day. It’s very simple to pour 2 teaspoons of powder into a shaker and add milk or water and shake it well. Then you drink it and wupti you have saved a meal and become satisfied.

You can read much more about the 7 amazing products here

When we made the decision to change our lives, we want to do it in a way and following a model we all know can do. That’s why we started by weighing ourselves and measuring the body in different places. We agreed that we would test a 12 weeks of lifestyle change plan where we would weigh and measure every Friday.

But we also agreed that we should not continue our food and wine orgy etc. So that is why we decided that we would like to have a real meal a day, and it should be noon. 12.00 That way the body could then burn it during the day. No wine or other alcohol except Friday night, where we had a huge glass of red wine.

The diet plan must be in place for you to succeed.

So our meal plan was very simple, shopping for a meal every day and 2 liters of milk for our shake. There in addition to plenty of fruits and vegetables to eat during the day. This meant that the contents of our refrigerator were very limited as we did not have various cheeses and cold cuts etc. for rye bread, etc.

We both had sores in our knees and joints and in general in such bad shape and very much agreed that we could not start to exercise in the form of running, etc. So we agreed that we should walk at least 10 km every day in the streets of Aarhus. It was actually amazing, because here we talked about EVERYTHING and had plans made not only for our health but also for the future.

April 17, 2020 – the day we started a new life.!

So we started in Week 1, April 17, to weigh and measure ourselves. Let me start by giving you a huge shock, I weighed 129 kg. and Heidi 93 kg. BUM. So in our world there was only one way and it was forward, or rather, down with the weight. We look foreword to 12 weeks of lifestyle change.!

The first week was tough, I should or will not lie at all. The body screamed almost all the time for food, but our 2 times a day shake, along with the vitamin and mineral drinks, made sure we were in balance all the time. After a few days, the body actually started to enjoy not being filled up with everything we used to fill inboard.

We took one step at a time, looked forward to today’s meal and enjoyed drinking our new products for the rest of the day. Already in the first week we got a lot more energy and joy of life yes great all day. We went on our trips and talked about how fantastic the future looked, even though we could only glimpse it on the horizon.

The first week was off and it was tough.

When the first week had passed and we had to measure and weigh we were very excited. I had lost 4.3 kg and Heidi 2.9 kg. WAU we were proud and happy. BUT we were also well aware that we were starting to rebuild our body in the form of muscle that was magnified at level 0. Muscles weigh much more than fat and we were told that we probably will not lose weight us a lot, since the muscles should follow.

After week 4 we had seen almost all of Aarhus when we went on our trips every day. I had lost 6 pounds. and Heidi 5 kg. We had regained plenty of strength and our bodies had gotten stronger and we had a great time. Now we were ready to waste our physical efforts. We both started hiking for 3 – 4 km. every other day, so as not to overload the body.

We invisteret in a rowing machine – the best decision ever.!

But in addition to our running and walking trips, we seemed to lack an extra muscle challenge in our everyday lives. That’s why we decided to buy a roma machine. It is, after all, the best form of exercise you can give your body. You do not strain the body more than what you pull when you sit in it. All of your muscles in the body are pulled through in the right way and especially my back has been well. It costs DKK 8,000 BUT hold on now it is the best investment we have ever made. And then it stands in our living room and beams like another art object .. !!

So our everyday life comes up short as we start our day drinking a basic drink. Then we take a shake. For dinner we make a royal meal with lots of fish, chicken, etc. Tonight we have a shake and we end the day with a Restorate. All day we drink our Activize, everything tastes heavenly. The best part is that we NEVER feel hunger and the body functions optimally. We either run or calm at least an hour every day, some days the body is so good that there is also time for a walk together.

The new life is fantastic

Many ask if we don’t miss the old days, to which we can both say loud and resounding NO … !!! We have regained the joy of life and we are on our way to our goal of losing weight so that we are satisfied and can enjoy our everyday lives. Have we become fanatical? – Not at all, are we skipping a few days with our plans? YES it happens sometimes, but the day after we go back to our plan again.

Our 12 weeks of lifestyle change has been completed and I have lost weight from 129 kg. down to 115.3 kg. = 13.7 kg. 15 cm around the abdomen. 13 cm above the chest. 10 cm around the thighs. Heidi has lost weight from 93.1 kg. to 85.1 kg. = 8 kg. 6 cm around the abdomen. 10 cm above the chest. 7 cm around the thighs. It’s a lot of numbers but just try to look at them once again, it’s totally crazy. My goal is to lose 30 kg. total during 2020 and I will continue to weigh and measure myself every Friday and continue the aforementioned week, with pleasure, of course with Heidi.!

Contact me here if you want to hear more, or have a cup of coffee.?

I know about someone how difficult it is to lack motivation and, not least, the will to get started. I have a whole plan for how YOU can get the best help and support when you need to start. Weekly conversations about all the challenges that will come, you have to talk about, and here you need me.

Follow here on my Blog and see what I write not only about my own weight and diet plan, but also about everyone else’s success in using and following my guidance.

I look forward to the future like never before.

All the best

Renè Ritto


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